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Currently, the greeting card business is a $7.5 billion industry in the U.S. alone, and until just recently, few companies could enter this industry with the hopes of taking any market share from the big card companies. However, with advances in printing and computer technologies one company is poised to reinvent how we shop, buy and send out cards from now on and is creating it's very own market share.

Started in 2004 with first year's sales of only $825,000 , this card company is projected to have sales of $90 million in just it's 5th year, and is projected to hit over a billion dollars in sales by 2014. All of this growth is driven by it's unique referral marketing program, where independent sales reps build their own sales organizations and clients, and are paid very well to show people how to become card senders everyday.

You can share in building this growing phenomenon and receive long term permanent residual income that can be passed down to your children. Contact me below or just pick up the phone and give me a call, there is no pressure to join and I will answer any questions you might have. I will even throw in a greeting cards account to try out with 3 (three) real paper greeting cards that you choose with the postage already paid for you so you can try our card system yourself.

Also included is my free gift to you, a booklet we have grown to love. The 40 page booklet by renowned author and speaker, Stedman Graham titled "Identity -Passport to Freedom" . I highly recommend this booklet as a practical pocket guide to achieving the success you deserve!


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